The Beauty of Timber

Timber cladding exudes beauty and is often chosen by the most discerning designers to accentuate the aesthetics of a building. It is also one of the most versatile and diverse building materials available, and can be used as both an interior and exterior building design solution.

For interior projects, modern timber cladding can be used for feature walls, adding character to open spaces. Installed horizontally or vertically, the clean, precise lines that can be achieved using timber cladding allow architects and designers to create beautiful and impactful interiors.

Used on the exterior facades of buildings, modern timber cladding offers architects a material that is durable and flexible, and it is often used to blend a building into its surroundings. The versatility of timber cladding means that it’s possible to create distinct shapes and patterns that can’t be achieved using other building materials. For these reasons and because of the many attributes of timber cladding, it is increasingly being specified on modern buildings and is fast becoming the architect’s favoured building material.

Timber cladding integrates well and offers contrast when used in conjunction with other building materials, including stone, glass and brick. It can be used as a primary material on a building or can be used subtly to add unique design features to specific parts of buildings like entranceways. This ability to shape designs allows an architect to be creative and to bring new ideas to life.

Ecova Clad offer a huge variety of timber cladding species, finishes and treatments. From reclaimed timber to charred larch, modern smooth redwood, and soft yellow cedar, timber cladding brings buildings to life and at the same time places the building firmly within its natural environment. Colour, texture, grain and size all combine to form a species’ visual appeal and the ability to stain or paint timber cladding gives architects and designers a broad and varied palette of colours to work with.

The architectural design and location of a building are two of the key factors that will steer the choice of timber species and style of cladding to ensure the most fitting aesthetic for a project. To familiarise yourself with the wide range of options available please view our timber cladding range comparisons.

Timber cladding is increasingly being selected for building projects due to its versatility and its contribution to sustainable construction. Ecova Clad is the only truly carbon neutral timber cladding solution in the UK, meaning architects and designers can combine the aesthetic beauty of wood with a truly carbon neutral solution. To understand more about the carbon footprint of timber please click here

When thinking about specifying timber cladding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. We can help advise on which species would be better suited for your specific project, help you understand installation implications, and help you calculate life-cycle costing.

Regardless of whether you’re using timber cladding for interior or exterior purposes, the possibilities for integration into building design are limitless. This is a material that gives endless creative options for modern building design.