The Benefits of Timber Cladding

Timber cladding can offer architects and designers a huge range of aesthetic, environmental and practical benefits. Timber cladding is an extremely versatile material, sourced sustainably and lasts many years, timber cladding is an ideal material choice for many types of projects. Wood has long been used as a structural and finishing material in construction and it continues to be one of the few building materials that can help meet carbon zero goals. In addition, wood is:

Long Lasting

  • Timber cladding can easily last between 40-60 years
  • Pressure treatment provides protection against rot and fungal decay


  • Timber is naturally renewable, unlike most other construction materials
  • Timber cladding is 100% recyclable
  • Sourced from sustainable forests, certified by the PEFC or FSC
  • Potential for re-use or recycling at end of life


  • Blends well with natural surroundings, or brings nature into urban settings
  • Provides a warm and comforting connection with nature
  • Attractive in grain and colour
  • Enhances the overall aesthetic of a building
  • Available in many styles, textures, and finishes
  • Easily rejuvenated or redecorated
  • Natural colouration over time


  • Extremely price competitive when compared to other building materials
  • Quantities can easily be estimated and as a result waste is minimal.
  • Easy to install, time on-site reduced
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Eliminate the need for heavy masonry outer walls, reducing size and cost of foundations
  • Panels can be factory pre-fabricated off-site saving time, labour and costs


  • Made to measure
  • Variety of profiles
  • Range of colours
  • Easily stained or painted
  • Weathering process gives a truly unique natural appearance


  • Excellent insulation properties, timber cladding’s
  • Thermal conductivity is far better than steel and concrete
  • Reduce energy needed to heat or cool a building
  • Lower a building’s overall carbon footprint through lower fuel consumption