Timber is often sold as being a carbon neutral building material, but it is not.

Whilst timber is a more sustainable solution than heavy building materials it cannot be considered carbon neutral due to the emissions created by felling, transporting, sawing, and drying. Ecova Clad offset all embodied carbon in their timber cladding ranges to offer a truly carbon neutral solution.

We buy from fully sustainable sources, through FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification. We run our mill with solar power, use low emission vehicles for vehicles for transportation, and invest in environmental schemes around the world to offset the embodied carbon in our timber cladding ranges.

Our independently audited carbon neutral product ensures the highest levels of ethical and socially responsible sourcing for your project.

Combine the aesthetic beauty of wood with a truly carbon neutral solution from Ecova Clad.

Carbon neutral timber cladding – sustainability meets beautiful design.

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The only truly carbon neutral timber cladding solution in the UK. Learn more about our timber cladding ranges.


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