Euro Oak

Type: Hardwood
Source: European


The grain of European Oak is golden-brown in colour, which makes it a popular option for those looking for a more traditional style. Oak is naturally very durable, it machines well, but is more difficult to work with than softwoods. Steel screws should be used as oak reacts with iron. With higher density, oak timber is not only heavier, but also stronger and more durable. The toughness of Oak timber makes it a perfect material for exterior cladding, as it can withstand any weather conditions. Oak timber will also resist the other forces of nature, such as fungal attacks, termites, and moisture.

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Suitability of Profiles

Wide choice of standard profiles.

Profile Cladding Joint Horizontal Diagonal Vertical Thickness
Tongue & Groove Closed Yes Yes Yes 20mm min.
Rectangular Closed No No Yes 16-25mm+
Feather Edge Closed Yes No No 9mm x 16-15mm
Shiplap Closed Yes No Yes 18mm
Parallelogram Open Yes No No 16-25mm+
(up to 50mm)
Ecova Clad Profiles Guide
Desired service life (years)
Natural durability class Need for treatment/modification Occasionally wet Frequently wet
1 (Very durable) Suitable without treatment >60 60
2 (Durable) Suitable without treatment 60 30
3 (Moderately durable) Suitable without treatment except for tall or exposed buildings 30 15 (untreated)
4 (Slightly durable) Treatment required 15-30 years treated 15-30 years treated
5 (Not durable) Treatment required 15-30 years treated 15-30 years treated
Common Name Natural Durability Class BSEN350:2:1994 Movement Strength
Temperate Hardwoods (European Oak) 2 to 4 Medium High
  • Accepts application of stains and paints.
Cladding Treatment Notes For which species?
Tanalith (Green) High Pressure Treatment – Green Coloured Finish. Once treated, timber can go in the ground Soft Wood Only
Tanalith (Brown) High Pressure Treatment – Brown Coloured Finish. Once treated, timber can go in the ground Soft Wood Only
Vac – Vac (Clear – Yellowish) Low Pressure Treatment – Green Coloured Finish. Can only use above ground Soft Wood Only
Fire Retardant Pressure Treatment All Species
UV Protection Vacuum Applied All Species
Full Range of Stains and Colours All Species
Clear Lacquer Vacuum Applied All Species

If you have decided that Timber Cladding is going to be one of the materials on your project the next step is to create a specification that will meet the criteria and expectations you, and your client have.

We offer installation guidance, detailing guidance based on TRADA documentation, with a wealth of knowledge and information on how different timbers will perform over the life span of your project.

Considerations that should be made when it comes to weather, along with how elevation and design variations can impact timber cladding.